Trelby is a screen writing software. You can read more on

I have prepped a debian package at files.нсрср.рус in case you want to avoid the hassle of compiling it by yourself. Compiling from source proves difficult with Ubuntu 20.04. Until the howto here is updated, I created also an debian package for Ubuntu 20.04.

Since its developers have not released an updated official version (which could be 2.3), you cannot use the available packages from the official site. Thus you need to compile from source. This is a quick and dirty way to do it, it worked for me, may not work for you. See referenced original post on google groups, which I have updated here.


  • download the source
git clone trelby
cd trelby
  • install the required packages
sudo apt-get install xsltproc docbook-xsl python-wxtools devscripts debhelper python-all  python-mock build-essential
  • edit the makefile
nano Makefile 

add && cp trelby.1.gz doc/ at the end of the command in section dist:

dist: names.txt.gz dict_en.dat.gz manual.html trelby.1.gz
        python sdist && cp trelby.1.gz doc/
  • edit the package file
nano debian/control

and change python-wxgtk2.8 to python-wxgtk3.0 in the line which starts with Depends.

  • create a deb package and install it
make deb
cd ..

find your .deb-file here, then install it. That’s it. Now you can write a major work. Or leave it to the gods.